We are the technology company that builds and manages the digital platforms of Newpharma, one of the largest and most efficient networks of online pharmacies in Western Europe. We have beautiful offices in Timisoara and Cluj, and colleagues who work remotely from all over Romania.

For all our colleagues, we guarantee high standards of professionalism, a fair and market-adapted salary and benefits package, job stability and security, investments in learning and developing knowledge and skills, and direct involvement in challenging own projects and products in a positive atmosphere of intense collaboration, respect, and open communication.

Ambition, trust, perseverance, and enthusiasm are what we feel and live when we work together. Each member of our team receives respect, fulfillment, and security and experiences firsthand the joy and pride of being helpful to the people who use our platforms.

Thanks to our work and our team, millions of European citizens benefit from fast, safe, and fairly priced access to quality products and services, to efficiently take care of their health and well-being of their families.

We invest our talent, expertise, and energy into ideas and projects that do a lot of good. Our work and ideas transform us into skilled and trustworthy protectors for everyone. We will be happy to welcome you to our team if your dream is also to build meaningful things, for the benefit of our fellow human beings.

Creating Digital Smart Value for Health & Wellbeing.